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Madonna explains the Gnawa inspiration behind her song “Come Alive”

Written by FDM

The American pop icon, Madonna, continues to evoke her trip to Marrakech last year as a big inspiration in her life as well as in her music. Her song “Come Alive” is the perfect example, she explained.

During her stay in Marrakech last summer, Madonna celebrated her 60th birthday with her close friends in a purely Moroccan atmosphere. Aside from the city that she fell in love with, the ‘Material girl” seems to have also taken pleasure in the Gnawa music. She has just released a new video evoking her attachment to this ancestral music full of symbols and history.

In this new excerpt published on her social networks, the singer explains the influence of Gnawa art on her new song “Come Alive”, which is part of her latest album Madam X.

“There is an interesting story, the shackles that the slaves wore so that they couldn’t escape. Once they were free, they turned what enslaved them into music” she said.”I wanted to bring that instrument back into the story”