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‘Tagine’, Ryan Gosling’s Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills

Written by FDM

Celebrities have been flocking to one of the hottest Moroccan restaurants in the world based in Beverly Hills, the chic district of Los Angeles, and owned by none other than Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling and chef Abdessamad Benameur.  

 It is in the heart of Los Angeles, in the very popular district of Beverly Hills, that “Tagine” is located, a high-end cozy restaurant with delicious Moroccan dishes. Owned by Ryan Gosling and Chef Benameur since 2004, the restaurant attracts equally famous stars, like Eva Mendez, Meryl Streep, Selma Hayek, or Richard Gere…

Benameur, who is also the chief executive of the restaurant, has developed the ‘Tagine’ menu thanks to his mother’s recipes he learned growing up in Morocco and introduced all Hollywood to the Moroccan culinary tradition by adding a twist of modernity.

Chef Abdessamad Benameur

“It became one of the best destinations in the city,” Benameur said.

Initially, a fan of Benameur’s cooking while he was still a caterer, Ryan Gosling, ended up making him a proposal which he could not refuse. It is “food that I could eat every day, for the rest of my life,” the star had told him.

Failing to find a place that would offer such cuisine in a place reflecting its warmth, Ryan Gosling and Benameur decided to create this place and named it ‘Tagine’. ‘It’s a hidden gem’ said the chef.