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Washington announces global summit on Covid-19

Written by FDM

Washington will host a world summit on May 12 to end the Covid-19 epidemic. It is the second global summit on the coronavirus pandemic which has killed more than six million people worldwide and disrupted the global economy.

“The summit will redouble our collective efforts to end the acute phase of the Covid-19 outbreak and prepare for future health threats.” These are the goals of the world summit which will take place on May 12, the White House announced in a press release. The meeting, which will take place virtually, will be co-chaired by the United States, along with current G7 president Germany, G20 president Indonesia, African Union chair Senegal, and Belize, the current chair of the CARICOM Caribbean grouping.

The US government and those of the countries involved in this summit also want to maintain a sense of urgency in the face of the epidemic. “In advance of the May 12 summit, we are calling on world leaders, members of civil society, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, and the private sector to make new commitments and bring solutions to vaccinate the world, save lives now, and build better health security — for everyone, everywhere,” the statement added. If the Omicron variant is less dangerous, it is however more contagious. The countries behind this summit believe that it is therefore essential to do everything to prevent new health disasters from taking the world by surprise.

“We know we must prepare now to build, sustain, and finance the global capacity we need, not only for emerging Covid-19 variants but also future health crises,”, the statement warns.