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Vaccination campaign kicks off in Morocco (photos)

Written by FDM

Morocco began, on Thursday, January 28, its national vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus. A highly anticipated operation in the country for which King Mohammed VI officially kicked off the same day. Aim: vaccinate 32 million inhabitants.

The Kingdom will be the third country on the African continent to launch its vaccination campaign after Egypt and the Seychelles, although initially it was to be the first after it was one of the very first in the world to announce expectations for vaccinations in December 2020.

However, following delays in the delivery of vaccines by Indian and Chinese manufacturers, the campaign could not start until the end of January after very intense organization by the local health authorities who set up 2,880 fixed vaccination posts and 7,000 mobile stations across the country.

The vaccination campaign concerns people aged 18 and over and is carried out in order of priority, namely people aged 75 and over, health professionals aged 40 and over, people working in the health sector and education aged 45 and over, public authorities, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), for the first priority bracket.

A computerized system has established the order of priority of the persons concerned, in this way, the appointments will be scheduled automatically for all age categories. Appointments will be given “taking into account the priorities defined by the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the public authorities, and the capacities of the vaccination centers set up for this purpose”, indicates the liqahcorona site