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Rabat: Success of the first liver transplant from a living donor

Written by FDM

Liver transplantation from a living, related donor was successfully performed for the benefit of a patient at the National Institute of Oncology (INO) in Rabat.

This is the first surgical operation of its kind successfully carried out nationally on a 62-year-old woman, the National Institute of Oncology said in a statement, announcing the performance of a liver transplant from a living donor.

The Institute specified that the preparation, execution, and follow-up of the transplant and removal operations for this surgical operation, carried out on March 29, were carried out jointly by the multidisciplinary teams of INO and the Hepato-Biliary Center of Paul Brousse Hospital (Villejuif, France).

At the end of this high-precision surgery, which lasted around twelve hours, the French medical team was pleased with the quality of the medical equipment available to INO, enabling it to achieve this milestone. This cooperation is part of an original program of transfer of expertise and empowerment in the field of liver transplantation linking Moroccan and French hospitals.

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