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One Health Maroc carried a health education operation for young girls in Dar Taliba in Marrakech

Written by FDM

Health education on Covid-19 and the prevention of other zoonoses is the theme chosen by the One Health Maroc association to raise awareness and inform young girls of Dar Taliba in Marrakech. The event, scheduled for Saturday, March 6, is part of the One Health global approach.

The One Health approach is based on the inextricable links between human health, animal health, and environmental health and on an interdisciplinary collaboration bringing together all the disciplines concerned: doctors, veterinarians, ecologists, economists, anthropologists, sociologists, etc.

But to be truly effective, the One Health approach must also take into account the differences between men and women related to their roles and responsibilities in our societies, their behavior, and their biology. So men are more likely to develop a severe form of Covid-19, which is probably related to the more important co-morbidity factors in them, and to the fact that the immune system of women is more resilient than that of men due to the presence of estrogen.
We also know that the long-term impacts of the pandemic will be very significant on women; 75% of healthcare workers worldwide are female, subjecting them to tremendous physical and psychological pressure and appalling dilemmas: whether to continue their work while putting their families at increased risk of infection or to fail in their commitment to care for others and lose their jobs? How to manage the school education of the children when one is remote working, and that one must in addition take care of the health of the other members of the family? Or that you lose your job since four times more women have left the labor market in the world in 2020?
The operation carried out on March 6 was an opportunity to explain the One Health concept to the students of Dar Taliba and to lead an awareness campaign and a health education campaign.