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National Awareness and Screening Campaign for Breast and Cervical Cancers is Launched

Written by FDM

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection launched its national awareness campaign for breast and cervical cancers.

“Early detection is prevention and for your health, protection” is the theme of the latest national awareness and screening campaign for breast and cervical cancers launched by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

In light of Pink October, this campaign, which will continue throughout this month, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of prevention and early detection, in particular among women aged 40 to 69 for breast cancer and women aged 30 to 49 for cervical cancer, the ministry said in a statement.

Also, this campaign is an opportunity to highlight the efforts made by the ministry to reduce despair and mortality due to cancer. Also, a structured program for the early detection of breast and cervical cancers has been set up to strengthen the offer of screening care.

Thus, early detection is integrated into primary health care and reinforced by the construction and equipment of 43 reproductive health reference centers, 11 regional oncology centers, and 2 gynecological Breast-oncology centers of excellence, as well as the acquisition of 22 mobile mammography units to ensure access for women in remote areas.

It should be noted that a set of organizational measures have been put in place to facilitate women’s access to screening, early diagnosis, and treatment services under the best conditions, as well as to strengthen and mobilize partners, ministerial departments external organizations, and NGOs.

The ministry recalls that breast and cervical cancers are the first cancers recorded in women in Morocco, representing respectively 38.1% and  8,1% according to data.