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Could Morocco establish paid “menstrual leave” for female civil servants?

Written by FDM

The Social Justice Group, in the House of Councilors, presented a bill that seeks to cover sick leave for female workers experiencing period pain.

This bill aims to grant leave to women with severe pain during their monthly period of menstruation. Thus, this proposed law, which was drawn up by MPs Mustafa Al-Dahmani, Saeed Shaker and Mustafa Bin Faqih, stated that the health difficulties that women face during this period hinder professional equality and the advancement of women’s position in the administration.

Moreover, the bill considers that the difficulties mentioned must be taken into account in the way of managing the professional prerogatives of women and the encouragement of the latter to access administrative functions and assume responsibilities.

Spain, South Korea, and Indonesia are among the few countries in the world to give working women paid leave during menstruation.