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Morocco Declares State of Health Emergency

Written by FDM

Morocco declares a state of health emergency starting Friday at 6:00 p.m in response to the growing threat of the coronavirus.

The state of health emergency was decreed yesterday by the Ministry of the Interior and will come into force this evening at 6 p.m until further notice. It aims to restrict citizens’ movement as much as possible through the obligation of an official document issued by the agents of authority in order to be able to leave the house.

This condition is valid for the following cases:

  • Trip to workplaces: affected administrations and open establishments, namely businesses, factories, agricultural activities, businesses selling products and services relating to the daily life of citizens, pharmacies, banks, fuel distribution stations, clinics, and medical offices, telecommunications agencies, necessary liberal professions as well as the trade of hygiene products.
    As such, travel must be limited to people who must necessarily be at their place of work, who must have a signed and stamped certificate issued by their managers at work.
  • Trips intended to supply the food necessary for daily life, but within the limits of the perimeter of the place of residence.
  • Travel to receive medical care or to obtain medication from pharmacies.

The ministry also stresses the mandatory nature of these measures and advises any reluctant citizen that sanctions are provided for in the penal code.

The application of these measures will be directed by local authorities and public forces (National Security, Royal Gendarmerie and Auxiliary Forces). They will ensure “the firm control of anyone on the public highway,” the ministry warned in the statement.

Meanwhile, the national balance sheet reports on Friday, March 20, 66 confirmed cases, including 3 deaths and 2 recoveries.