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Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity: A medical caravan for the benefit of 2,800 people

Written by FDM

From November 11 to 13, more than 2,800 inhabitants of the communes of the Tainaste circle (province of Taza) benefited from the services offered by the multidisciplinary medical caravan of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity’s medical caravan was organized from November 11 to 13 at the Had M’sila center in the province of Taza. An initiative marking the resumption of the program of medical campaigns suspended in March 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This multidisciplinary medical caravan mobilized some 35 doctors, including 22 specialists, 34 nurses, and specialized technicians. Deployed in accordance with health and distancing instructions, this campaign focused on medical services in various specialties, in particular gynecology, pediatrics, pneumology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, dentistry, and general medicine. The medical team also carried out preventive care (screening for chronic diseases, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and diabetes) or even awareness-raising. In total, 2,800 inhabitants of the municipalities of the Tainaste circle (Taza province) were received. “60% of the beneficiaries of this multidisciplinary medical caravan are women,” said Dr. Soumaya Jdidi, from the medical-humanitarian pole at the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, stressing that a total of 50 people with disabilities also benefited from the services of this solidarity operation.

Three partner medical associations took part in this initiative which mobilized 8 mobile medical units of the Foundation (radiology, biology, dentistry, ophthalmology, pharmacy) and an ambulance. This solidarity action also mobilized the traditional partners of the program, namely the regional health directorate, local authorities, the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Fez, the approved medical associations (Association Action Urgence, ANFAS – Moroccan Association for Aid to Patients with Chronic Respiratory Pathology and ARS – Association of Health Retirees) as well as the Mohammed VI National Center for the Handicapped.

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