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Launch of “AlloMonPsy”, a platform to democratize online psychological consultation

Written by FDM

The “AlloMonPsy” platform has just been launched in Morocco. An initiative led by a Belgian investment fund to democratize online psychological consultation.

“AlloMonPsy” is a platform bringing together certified psychologists. It is deployed in various countries, including Morocco, in order to “democratize access to healthcare without geographical limits allowing it to reach the most remote regions”, as a statement reads. This platform connects patients with psychologists. Registration is free. “AlloMonPsy” also offers its services to companies and schools to support employees and students.

Authorized by the National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP), the platform thus complies with the most recent and strict standards in terms of confidentiality and security. For example, video consultations are protected against any hacking attempt.

“AlloMonPsy”  accessible via