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Covid-19: Russian vaccine could be marketed in January 2021

Written by FDM

The race to discover the vaccine against the novel coronavirus could finally name its first winner on Tuesday, August 11. Russia has indeed announced the conclusive trials of “SputnikV”, a vaccine which, according to its inventors, gives lasting immunity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced yesterday, during a video conference that his country has developed the “first” vaccine against Covid-19. The new vaccine, dubbed “Sputnik V” [V for vaccine], in reference to the Soviet satellite, the first spacecraft put into orbit, would give, according to the Russian president, “lasting immunity”.

Mr Putin said the vaccine had passed all the required checks, adding that his daughter had already been given it. “She had a little temperature after the two inoculations, and that’s it,” he said. The Russian health ministry said for its part that the double inoculation “allowed to form a long immunity”, which could last “two years”.

Immediately after the announcement of this discovery, 20 countries placed pre-orders for “More than a billion doses”, according to the president of the sovereign wealth fund, Kirill Dmitriev, involved in the development of “Sputnik V”.

The World Health Organization, however, reacted cautiously to the announcement of the development of a vaccine, recalling that the “prequalification” and approval of a vaccine should go through “rigorous” procedures.