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Under confinement? Here are 7 tips to cope with this situation

Written by FDM

Voluntary confinement decreed by the government, on March 18th, obliges many Moroccans to stay at home and to adapt their daily lifestyle. Here are seven tips to help you get through these days.

Tip 1: Clean up

Since the coronavirus virus can survive for about 12 hours on metallic surfaces, don’t forget to regularly disinfect your door handles, faucets, household appliances, computers, and phones, etc. Wash your hands regularly or use an antiseptic gel, especially before touching anything intended for consumption.

Tip 2: Have it delivered to your home

Whether it’s for shopping, favorite meals, or orders … it’s time to use home delivery services for a whole range of daily tasks. Most restaurants forced to close their doors to their customers will continue their activity with take-out and delivery options. Food delivery specialists such as Glovo and Jumia also continue to deliver their partner restaurants via their applications.

Tip 3: Exercise at home

Don’t let the situation discourage or halt your fitness routine. Physical exercise is an activity that can very well be practiced at home, in your living room, your bedroom, or even on your terrace. There are plenty of home workout videos on YouTube depending on the type of exercise: cardio, abdominal crunches, HIIT… In short, no excuse to stop moving!

Tip 4: Keep in touch with your loved ones

Whether you are alone or confined with your family, being physically isolated does not mean that you have to cut off all contact with the rest of the world, on the contrary. Such a situation could even lead to a sense of solitude, so it is a good idea to hear from your friends, family members or even your co-workers.

Tip 5: Study with your children via digital alternatives

The Moroccan Ministry of National Education, Professional Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research launched on March 16, the operation of distance courses, via the digital platform TelmidTice and on the TV channel Athaqafia. These are accessible without a password and promulgates lessons grouped by subject and level. So make sure your kids go to school even at home.

Tip 6: Manage your administrative constraints online

You can pay your phone bills, electricity or other taxes online via the operators’ websites or the secure Center Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) website which provides a large directory of merchants and e-merchants. Whenever possible, use the online services and applications of your banks to carry out your regular procedures (such as transfers) rather than going to ATMs.

Tip 7: Enjoy your time

How many times did you want to do something and were constrained by a busy schedule? Well, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit with yourself and acquire new skills. Take online courses about a subject of passion, practice cooking or drawing or even meditation. This can go a long way in helping to calm your spirit and prevent anxiety.