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Celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day

Written by FDM

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, and the SOAR Project, a non-profit organization, organized a national seminar on May 28 to discuss ways to fully realize the rights of adolescent girls and young girls in Morocco, including the access to education and health services, including menstrual hygiene products and care.

Organized under the theme: “The rights and well-being of adolescent girls and young girls in public policies in Morocco”, this meeting made it possible to focus on the efforts made by the various ministerial departments as well as the actors of civil society to guarantee the rights of adolescent girls and young girls in public policies.

Ensuring access for adolescent girls and young girls to education, information, and health services, including age-appropriate menstrual hygiene products and care is a key requirement for adolescent girls and young people can realize their potential and contribute to equitable and sustainable development of the country. A healthy and normal phenomenon, menstruation is nevertheless poorly understood and stigmatized around the world. Many women and girls face a lack of access to products, information, and services that allow them to protect their health, dignity, and well-being.

UNFPA and the SOAR Project will lead a strategic partnership to initiate a public dialogue, involving both national institutions and civil society organizations, on the issue of the centrality of menstrual hygiene, conduct outreach sessions with adolescent girls living in a vulnerable situation and lead a digital campaign to dispel misconceptions and support the empowerment of young girls.

Note that this meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, ‘Equality and the Family, the National Council of Human Rights, the National Union of Women of Morocco, the Union of Feminine Action and the Al Mouassat Association.