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Campaign against the stigma of people with mental disorders 

Written by FDM

In light of World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is launching a national campaign against the stigmatization of people with mental disorders, from October 10 to 17, 2021, under the slogan “Mental disorder is a state of health … dignity and rights for you and me,” the ministry said in a statement.

This campaign is intended to promote the rights of these people, to dismantle the prejudices associated with their disorders, and to sensitize relatives, families, and society to the importance of supporting them to achieve their recovery, informs the same source.

This day is also an opportunity to sensitize the general public and health professionals to the problems encountered by people with mental disorders, in particular stigma, underlines the ministry.

For several centuries, people with mental disorders have lived in precarious conditions, rejected and marginalized by society, due to prejudices and negative attitudes towards them, in particular, their categorization as violent people, helpless, demotivated, morally deficient, and incurable.

Surveys have shown that negative social attitudes towards people with mental disorders constitute barriers to their early access to treatment. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 50% of people with serious disorders receive no treatment, so these attitudes negatively affect their family and social relationships and hinder their reintegration, it is said.

Stigma affects people most when it comes from loved ones and family members, while emotional support from the family environment is an essential pillar to facilitate recovery, the ministry continues.

Thus, the world health organization recommended the promotion of patients’ rights and considered the fight against the stigmatization of mental disorders as one of the main axes in the field of mental health, the statement concludes.