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Breast cancer: Meryem Zaïmi leads Johnson’s Baby awareness campaign

Written by FDM

Johnson’s Baby is running a breast cancer awareness campaign on social media under the hashtag #ماشي_حشومة. Starring actress Meryem Zaimi, this initiative aims to break taboos and encourage women to get tested.

Yes, breast cancer can be cured, but women still lose their lives. Between the two outcomes, a factor of significant importance: the early detection. When diagnosed early enough, breast cancer can be cured in over 90% of cases.

However, there is still a major apprehension around this simple and painless medical examination – the social taboo that surrounds it. This persistent ”حشومة” ( Shame) around screening and breast palpation performed by a doctor deprives many women of an often life-saving diagnosis.

This campaign in collaboration with actress Meryem Zaïmi and director Amira Azzouzi, comes to reinforce that breast cancer and its screening ” ماشي حشومة ” (is not shameful).

Aiming to reach a younger population which never not at risk, this Johnson’s Baby campaign, produced by the DPR agency draws its inspiration from pop culture, more specifically from a landmark episode of Game Of Thrones, to divert its codes, in the service of lifting the taboo around breast cancer screening.

If it were still necessary to recall it, breast cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer in women.