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The # 7ACHAK Movement Mobilizes Against Menstrual Insecurity

Written by FDM

Launched in November 2019 to break the taboo around menstruation, the #7ACHAK movement continues its momentum, and organizes in light of the international day of menstrual hygiene, an awareness campaign to the cause of menstrual insecurity.

Menstrual insecurity affects nearly 70% of Moroccan women. A situation that is aggravated by the taboo that has always surrounded menstruation. Also, and as part of the actions carried out by the # 7ACHAK movement, a mural is produced in the CIL district, by Sammy Snoussi. The most popular artist of his generation celebrates the female body, pays tribute to these women who gave birth to the 7 billion people who inhabit this planet. The fresco is marked with a red brushstroke, a form of recognition but also an invitation to break the taboos around menstruation in Morocco.

As part of this campaign, the menstrual lingerie brand made in Morocco Hurya has joined forces with the 7achak movement to launch a special edition of menstrual panties bearing the image of the movement. Thus, for 2 panties purchased, 1 panty will be offered to one or more associations working for the subject.