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ZYNE’s charity shoe project helps women become self-sustaining

Written by FDM

ZYNE, the highly appreciated brand of slippers, led a nice charity action at the beginning of May. This solidarity initiative aims to help the development of the training center for women in Oussertek.

The two creators of the Moroccan brand ZYNE never cease to come up with innovative ideas. Thus, after having propelled this emblematic symbol that is the slipper to make it a cult object of fashion all the while preserving its artisanal authenticity, Zineb Britel and Laura Pujol get strongly involved in women empowerment.

“This project started with a crazy idea! Expose our community to the design process and help raise funds for a cause we care about: helping women become independent,” says the brand.

To do this, the brand involved its community, which submitted 803 projects. After deliberation, 6 models were selected to enter the production chain. “We worked very closely with each winner to create a shoe that embodied the message they wanted to communicate,” says the brand, which offered this collection at a reduced price of $150 per pair. “All the proceeds from the sale we had this week will go to Amis Des Ecoles to help them develop the newly opened Training Center for Women in Oussertek, by providing training, materials, and ideas to develop so the women artisans can become self-sufficient and independent.” the brand insisted.