Viktor & Rolf impresses with funky creation at Paris Fashion Week

Written by FDM

Viktor & Rolf surprises with its bed-like dress, a creation that can finally allow the models to rest between two passages.

As in every fashion show, the two Dutch creators Viktor & Rolf amaze with their creations. This time, it is at Paris Fashion Week that they created an agitation with the “all-in-one bed dress”. A unique piece that aims to divert the codes of fashion.

This dress seems to be making an impact, especially on New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman, who posted on Twitter: “I also enjoyed the portable bedclothes Viktor and Rolf show”.

The “all-in-one bed dress” appeared for the very first time in the autumn ready-to-wear collection in 2005. Cushions to relieve the neck of the models who lack sleep. Today, this iconic piece is at the center of Viktor & Rolf’s retrospective at the Kunsthal, an art museum in Rotterdam. An opportunity to pay tribute to the duo’s “radical conception of wearable art”, as mentioned on the exhibition website.