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Summertime Officially Starts at the Creators Tribe

Written by FDM

From June 17 to 19, the Creators Tribe kick off ‘Summertime’ at the Créateurs Concept Store in Casablanca, mixing Moroccan know-how, quality products, and unique design.

From June 17 to 19, summertime is ON at the Créateurs Concept Store on the CIL Esplanade in Casablanca! The Creators Tribe returns for our greatest pleasure with goods made in Morocco.

The present brands include Bobo Fouta (Beach Foutas) by Dawya Sadani, La Fée Chocolat (Chocolates) by Mounia Belcadi, Gizelah by GS (Jewelry) by Salah Benjelloun, Heya Earrings Store (Jewelry) by Nadia Benslimane, Made by me Cosmetics (Cosmetics) by Myriam Lahrichi, Moon Studio (Illustrations, Cabas…) by Nisrine Attou, Myrtille (Pastry, Delicatessen) by Sofia Ababou, Nuqta. (Fashion & Jewelry) by Mariam Fadlou-allah, Otoc’Tones (Fashion & Accessories) by Aicha Abdallahi Marmolejo, RocknCraft (Decoration, accessories) by Gwladys Piney, SnoodArt By Hind (Fashion & Accessories) by Hind Mahrouch, Vert Menthe (artisanal soaps) by Ondine Loloum and Yallah – Made in Morocco (embroidered T-shirts) by Hortense Gilbert.

Overall, a list of talents carrying original creations essential to this gloomy period, enough to brighten your day! Just, go for it!

Boutique Créateurs Concept Store, ex Héritage Berbère, rue Ain Asserdoun, Esplanade du CIL in Casablanca