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The special Ramadan Pop Up Souk is back!

Written by FDM

From April 15 to 17, Pop My Souk turns into a special Ramadan Pop Up Souk. Concocted by Caroline and Farid El Attar, this event brings together some goodies made in Morocco worn by designers, especially female talented designers!

As expected Special Ramadan Pop Up Souk is coming from April 15 to 17 at Pop My Souk located right next to the M cafe of the Hyatt Regency Casablanca. “For this edition of the holy month, the Pop Up Souk has been thought of as a true return to the sources, to the handmade, to the authentic, explain, in a press release, Caroline and Farid El Attar, the founders of Pop my Souk and former owners of the famous concept store La Fabrique. We have selected 30 designers from different universes, but with the same love of know-how, and unconditional love for Morocco. »

On the program,

– Thursday, April 16, Fin Fin Awa, Au fil de Tanger Itri, Ranès, Moroccan Birds, Vert Natural skincare, 110 Merveilles, Sis be, Virginie Darling, Ysa Handmade, Myriam au citron, KM 15, Up Above.

– Friday, April 17, Honey & Jasmine, Owl, Fin Awa, Les marisiennes, Itri, Moroccan birds, Meem ceramic, Au fil de Tanger, Ranès, Aiko, Elhora jewels, Virginie Darling, Ulili Myriam au citron Vert, 110 Merveilles, Sis Be, Lovely Moon, Ysa handmade, Laly, KM15.

– Saturday, April 18, Honey & Jasmine, Owl, Fin Awa, Itri, Hob, Rhita creation, Meem Ceramic, Les Marisiennes, So Fabrik, Aiko, Lovely Moon, Choof, Ulili, Vert Natural Skincare, 110 Merveilles, Sis Be, Moroccan Birds, Ysa Handmade, Laly, KM 15, Yeliz.