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Why do Russian influencers destroy their Chanel bags?

Written by FDM

Some of Russia’s most well-known influencers are protesting Chanel’s sales freeze in Russia, destroying their bags on tape, and posting on social media.

After the closure of all online and offline Chanel boutiques in Russia, it is no longer possible to buy the products of the fashion house abroad and then ship them to Russia.

Influencer, Maryna Yermoshkina literally claimed that Chanel humiliated her buyers, discriminating on the basis of nationality. Therefore, Yermoshkina invited her colleagues to destroy their Chanel products, and many seem to have answered the wall. The viral videos now claim to act against ‘Russophobia’ under the hashtag #byebyeChanel.


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For some users, the campaign represents a symbolic moment of patriotic contestation, while for many others, it’s a completely inappropriate (as well as superficial) spectacle, especially when comparing the situation of the real war victims, as opposed to the fashion victims, in this particular moment.

Following this controversy, which is gaining momentum on social media, Chanel says it has complied “with all laws applicable to its activities and its employees worldwide, including laws imposing economic and financial sanctions”. According to the “sanctions issued by the EU, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland with regard to Russia and Belarus, Chanel is not authorized to carry out transactions with certain natural and legal persons designated/listed by these sanctions regimes” continued the brand, specifying the recent striction of the latter by the European Union and Switzerland.

What do you think of the campaign? Is it really worth wasting thousands of dollars to make a statement?