Moroccan caftan honored at Azerbaijan Fashion Week

Written by FDM

After Paris, London, Doha and Marrakech, the Oriental Fashion Show sets in Azerbaijan and once again put the Moroccan caftan in the spotlight during a Fashion Week.

The Moroccan caftan was invited to the catwalk of Azerbaijan Fashion Week on November 8, 2017 and November 9 at the residence of the Moroccan Embassy in Baku, capital of the country. Three talented Moroccan designers will present their creations: Zineb Joundy, Manal Dinar and the traditional haute couture house Qadienne Style.

Organized by the association Route de la Soie and Al Andalus 12 years ago, the Oriental Fashion Show wants to preserve and enhance this Moroccan clothing heritage that is the caftan.

Azerbaijan, heir to a rich artistic tradition, has preserved, like Morocco, multiple craftsmanship. For several generations, local artisans have been perpetuating traditional arts such as embroidery and silk weaving, two essential practices to the brilliance of the caftan.