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Modanisa officially launches in Morocco (Interview)

Written by FDM

The modest Turkish fashion giant is about to officially launch in Morocco and signs Halima Aden as a global ambassador.

After a resounding success in Turkey, in the Gulf countries, in Egypt, in the countries of Europe with a large Muslim population, and in the United States, the Turkish international brand of modest clothing has chosen Morocco as the first destination of its expansion plan in North Africa.

What was the main goal behind starting a brand for modest fashion?

It all started with a dream, a vision, a purpose: to meet modest women’s desire to wear clothes that fit the life and times they live in. We set out on this venture with the understanding that “Every woman has the right to feel beautiful”. We decided that clothing had to be democratized, in order to socialize and not marginalize. We, therefore, wanted to make fashion accessible, affordable, and comfortable also for modest women. We look at fashion not only as a business but a way of life, of fulfillment, empowerment, a way to embrace the present, as well as a way to connect people together. Being stylish for a woman is a gear to success in today’s times! We wanted to contribute to their journey.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have faced as a modest brand?

Since the day we were established 10 years ago, we have defended that dressing according to your faith is a human right. However, the ever-growing bias in the West and fears such as Islamophobia, are one of the most crucial obstacles in front of modest fashion. We believe that the world will find its way towards freedoms, not restrictions. Hopefully, these difficulties will be left behind.
How did the collaboration with Model Halima Aden come about?

We’re thrilled to have Halima Aden back working with Modanisa. Since shooting to fame in a Modanisa burkini at an American beauty pageant in 2016, Aden has regularly modeled for the brand, from strutting down the runway at Modanisa’s Modest Fashion Weeks in London, Istanbul, and Dubai, to appearing in multiple promo campaigns. In 2019, the Somali-American cover girl turned designer worked in collaboration with Modanisa, to produce a collection of 47 headscarves that sold out in weeks.

What are the future goals for the brand and fashion in Morocco?

We bring together modern Turkey’s technology strength in ready-to-wear and the power of design that comes from its unique cultural heritage. At this point, we see common ground with the Moroccan nation. Both Morocco and Turkey possess a rich cultural heritage that reflects in two nations’ understanding of the aesthetics of fashion. While we bring the latest modest fashion from Istanbul to our customers in Morocco, we also learn from their daily fashion practices. We truly admire the self-confidence and elegance of Moroccan women and we wish to be the “locals from Istanbul” in Morocco.

Havva Kahraman
Fashion and Community Associate Director