Manal launches her clothing line

Written by FDM

Along with her husband, Moncef Guessous, Manal has just launched a ready-to-wear line called Bari & Soch. A 100% Moroccan brand that adds a freshness to the Moroccan streetwear spectrum.

Singer Manal Benchlikha, alias Manal, is embarking on a new great adventure, with her husband Moncef Guessous. The capsule collection contains 6 limited edition items (hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers) in mainly oversized and unisex designs.

In a pre-launch video posted on her Instagram, the pop singer explained that the desire to launch her own brand came two years ago when they negotiated a contract with a big brand abroad. “The proposal was degrading. So we decided to create our own brand ”, explains Niya’s singer.

Later on, a team has started to form one by one, with the couple’s friends who have a textile background. The launch of the collection was scheduled for March 2020 but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The items from the Bari & Soch collection can be ordered online, through the website, or on the brand’s Instagram page.


Meanwhile, Manal’s upcoming music project is set to release in early March 2021.