LH Fashion Show: Leila Hadioui breaks the codes (photos)

Written by FDM

The new and 8th edition of The LH Fashion Show is being held this March 19 in the heart of the prestigious M. Avenue in Marrakech. For the occasion, Leila Hadioui chose the brand new Meydene theater to unveil her Cruise collection.

A tribute to the street, to the urban spirit, to rediscovered freedom, to the city of Marrakech and its new artery… The designer Leila Hadioui, always very inspired, lifts the veil on her new collection through a perfectly mastered show. Glamor and retro are the keywords of this cruise collection which breaks codes and reveals breathtaking talent.

This new collection is a fusion of luxurious fabrics that lends a high fashion aesthetic to rebellious looks that will hug the architectural lines of Mr. Avenue. New fluid silhouettes, wide and enveloping shapes borrowed from gentleman’s wardrobes and sculpted in noble materials then pinched delicately with a touch of glamour.

The traditional suit loses its rigid aspect in favor of flexible and fluid lines which soften the silhouettes without losing their character like oversized and unstructured asymmetrical suits. Separate pieces such as pants, skirts, and jackets combined with practical details, offer versatility and functionality day or night.

Always avant-garde, Leila Hadioui, and Samsung immerse us in an experience through the immersive journey offered by the brand new Meydene theater. The event will also be relayed on social networks allowing shared exceptional moments with their communities. And for the first time, the show will be available for streaming and live on the Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram platforms.

TIME:  4 p.m.

The countdown begins…