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Katso, the Globally Successful Moroccan brand

Written by FDM

Handcrafted in the workshops in Rabat and in small series, Katso brand has conquered the fashion sphere of several countries. 

Created in 2015 by Franco-Moroccan Katia Belhachemi, the Katso brand offers, through its leather creations, minimalist, timeless and elegant fashion. Handcrafted and cut from the finest materials, Katso creations are inspired by Japanese culture and high-end minimalist designs.

Designed to fit all body types, the brand offers a complete wardrobe for women. Each piece is finely worked so that the model falls perfectly. Each collection also offers limited quantities, which reinforces the high-end character of the brand and cultivates its uniqueness in the ready-to-wear market. Ideal for dressing in spring as well as summer, the brand’s models seduce with their trendy and innovative character.
Present in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, USA, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Katso is now strengthening its presence in Morocco.

Katso Workshop / Showroom in Rabat. By appointment: , or by phone: +212 6 61 45 22 86 or by whatssap: + 33 6 47 54 44 92