Interview with Sandra Mansour, First Arab designer to collaborate with H&M 

Written by FDM

After Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace and Alexander Wang, Sandra Mansour is the first Arab designer to have been chosen to sign a collection for H&M. One that celebrates women and sends a message of hope and light around the world. We had an exclusive chat about this collaboration. Interview.

Sandra Mansour

1: How did you come to collaborate with H&M for this capsule?

I was away for my Birthday weekend, and I got an email and one thing led to another. I came back to Beirut and a week later I was on my way to Stockholm meeting with the H&M Team. Then began the wonderful journey of creating the Fleur du Soleil collection.

2 ° How do you feel about being the first Arab designer to sign a collection for the Swedish giant?

Exhilarated, I am really proud! I love how this came to be, what we made, and the opportunity to represent my country and region.

3 ° Your “Fleurs de soleil” collection celebrates nature and the work of female artists. Could you tell us more about that?

For this collection, we really wanted to create pieces that serve as an inspiration, referencing the Sunflower and four female artists. The sunflower represents hope and light, while all the other elements came to life through the guidance of Toyen, Dorothea Tanning, Lena Leclercq and Bibi Zogbé. Toyen and Dorothea Tanning, are exceptional self-expressionists, their art guides me. Lena Leclercq, is a master poet and her words always evoke emotions, while Bibi Zogbé has a romantic and melancholic way of expression. All these emotions that are brought to life because of art, always permits me to dream. While I dream, I can create.

4 ° What messages do you convey through your creations?

I want people to dream when they see the pieces. I want them to also enjoy the art of understated but intricate pieces. I wanted to be a painter growing up, and when I found my way into fashion, I always tried to infuse both loves. I hope they see that when they see my collections and the collaboration with H&M

5 ° What is the masterpiece of this collection?

I can’t narrow it down to one! I really think the entire collection speaks volumes. But I guess if I had to choose, which one is a great ode to the Sandra Mansour name it would be the point d’esprit ruffled midi dress. It’s so true to the house, that I think it will resonate with many.