Gucci makes pro-abortion statement on Cruise 2020 collection

Written by FDM

At its latest fashion show on Tuesday, May 28, the Italian fashion house debuted its 2020 Cruise showcasing its new collection in Rome. A show comprising of multiple pieces that took a pro-choice perspective.

The luxury brand has presented nearly 100 clothing pieces. Among the key ones was a chiffon dress embroidered with a uterus that caught everyone’s attention. The ovaries were presented by pink flowers, sewn in the middle of a pleated long-sleeved dress, as a nod to the right to abortion.

Other pieces also held a symbolic meaning as the Blazers marked with the date of May 22, 1978, the day Italy officially legalized abortion, and coats emblazoned with the iconic feminist phrase “My Body, My Choice.”

“It’s amazing that in this world, there are still people who think they can control women’s bodies, their choices. I will always be there to fight for individual freedom, always, “said Alessandro Michèle, creative director Gucci.

Recently, Gucci came under fire for cultural appropriation after selling a turban that costs $790.