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A first, Moroccan Fashion Startup “Hob feels good” awarded by the INNOV Invest fund

Written by FDM

The Moroccan fashion startup “Hob feels good”, led by Hind Bennis and Samia Benjelloun, obtained DH 200,000 from the INNOV INVES fund to develop its brand.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Moroccan Denim & Fashion Cluster and R&D Maroc (in the identification and orientation of startups), “Hob feels good” is today the first Moroccan fashion startup to benefit from the start-ups and innovation support and financing program, supported by the Caisse Centrale de Garantie (CCG).

The brand, which was born out of a personal need, is based on the ecological principles of its co-founders, the design which takes into account the Moroccan aesthetic and artisanal heritage, the comfort, the ergonomics of babies, and the conformity of the used materials.

The brand favors the use of scraps of materials that the two entrepreneurs get from clothing companies, which they visually improve through the addition of artisanal elements or by combining them with vegetable tanned leather for the production of slippers. But the great innovation of these slippers is undoubtedly the Made In Morocco sole developed with a local supplier.

The “Hob feels good” start-up aims to increase its production capacity and orient it more towards export, as for the received bonus it will be dedicated to the improvement of different products, the creation of new items and the deposit of models.