FIMA, renowned African fashion festival to take place in Dakhla

Written by FDM

Fashion and culture enthusiasts can rejoice. The 11th International Fashion Festival in Africa (Fima) will be held from November 21 to 24 in Dakhla, Morocco, for the first time!. An edition that coincides with the 20th anniversary of this unique event.

To celebrate twenty years of existence, The Fima festival leaves the desert of Nigeria to settle in the that of Morocco (Dakhla), for an edition honoring art, African culture and coming together of nations. “Year after year and from a success to another, the Fima is indulging more and more in the cultural agenda as an international meeting of fashion professionals: designers, stylists, models …” says Nigerian designer Alphadi, whose real name is Seidnaly Sidhamed, founder president of the festivals. This 11th edition will be, according to him, “another opportunity to consolidate the achievements and confirm our ambitions for the African continent”.

Alphadi, dubbed the “Wizard of the Desert”, is a real star of African fashion. Hailed by the greatest creators of Yves Saint-Laurent to Christian Lacroix through Paco Rabanne, the creator was named in 2016 “Artist for Peace” by UNESCO. A first for a fashion designer to receive this distinction.

As for the program of this event, it includes colloquia, workshops, exhibitions-sales of handicrafts and other meetings that bring together cultural actors, tourism professionals, artists and economic operators from five continents, for exchanges.”Born under the motto peace-culture-development, the Fima is at the crossroads of history and cultures,” continues Mr. Alphadi.

In short, Fima has continued to cultivate excellence and quality among young African designers and models. The aim is to support the creation of companies and their development in the fashion and arts trades with a view to industrialization of the fashion industry and its related professions.

In addition, at its third edition, Fima initiated its first top model and young designer competitions, to promote young talents and help kick off their future career. Many faces have emerged on the occasion of this event very followed and recognized throughout the world of international fashion. Also, the craft occupies a place of choice in the organization of the festival. Professional and amateur craftsmen benefit, with the Fima, from an ideal trading environment with the presence of an on-site shopping district and the exhibition-sales area.

Moreover, Fima has launched a creativity contest, the 2016 edition of which was won by a Moroccan. This year, two Moroccan amateurs from Casa Moda Academy named, Intissar Fayz and Youssef Idrissi were shortlisted for the named competition. The winners will be announced at Dakhla on November 23rd.

Save the date: November 21, Alphadi will transform Dakhla into a fashion oasis for an unprecedented festival in the region full of discoveries.