Doum For Women, the Moroccan Cooperative Behind Tory Burch’s Tote Bag

Written by FDM

The creations and the social-economic model adopted by Doum For Women have won over the prestigious American brand Tory Burch, with whom the cooperative has developed an original, chic, and bohemian creation: “La Ella Straw basket”.

“A new take on our classic tote.” This is how Tory Burch describes the item on their website.”The Ella Basket Bag plays on the traditional market tote silhouette, in lightweight straw hand-woven by women artisans from Doum for Women, a women’s weaving collective in Marrakech, Morocco. Founded in 2016, Doum gives more than 200 women financial independence and provides education for their children. Because the tote is handmade, natural pattern variations will occur, making each one unique.”

From Tory Burch’s Website

A few kilometers from Marrakech, on the road to Ourika, in the Douar of Touggana, Samira Madrane and her daughter Yasmine made the dreams of several dozen women come true, ensuring their empowerment and international recognition. “As part of the development of our products, we looked for women artisans specializing in basketry. During this adventure, we were taken on the way to the Douar of Touggana. It is in this village that we met Aïcha, who over time has become a friend and a pillar of our project ”, says Samira Madrane.

It was in 2016 when Samira and Yasmine launched the Doum Official bag brand. “Our first Doum Official collection highlighted the work of raffia and leather according to international standards. “DOUM” evokes the palm leaf, key element of our collections, pruned and woven by women artisans”, said Samira.

The primary concern was to equip these rural women to enable them to improve their living conditions and those of their families through an inclusive economy. “More than 800 people have been positively impacted by this activity”. The co-founders of the cooperative also endeavored to improve and perfect the technical knowledge of rural women while ensuring their financial independence.“The internal functioning of our cooperative is democratic and fair and there are no pay gaps,” added Samira.

In June 2019, Doum For Women was chosen by AMDIE among a multitude of other industries and manufacturing companies to participate in the Morocco-USA B2B exchange program held each year in New York.

“It was during our stay that we were able to meet the teams of renowned American brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, or even Tory Burch with whom we created a capsule collection of “doum” bags.” Samira Concluded.