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Clash Unlimited: Cartier extravagance

Written by FDM

The Clash [un] limited capsule collection sets no limits while disregarding the style dictates, with its exaggerated volumes and extravagance.

A mitten watch, double rings, ear jewelry, clip to wear inside or throughout the ear, reversible bracelets and necklaces, the Clash [Un] limited collection explores bold new methods of craftsmanship.

As an extension of the Clash de Cartier collection launched in 2019, this new exclusive jewelry collection of limited-edition pieces includes revisited high jewelry: spiked rings, bracelets, and earrings in white gold, onyx, diamonds, and amethyst, as well as two timepieces.

The new face of Cartier’s Clash [Un] limited collection and Cartier’s Double C handbag is none other than the lovely Lily Collins, the star of “Emily in Paris”.