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Adidas Regrets Controversy Surrounding Zellige Jersey 

Written by FDM

Adidas reacted to the controversy over the use of the Moroccan Zellige mosaic pattern for the design of Algeria’s football jersey.

In a statement released on Friday, October 14, the German sportswear retailer said that it reached a legal settlement with the Moroccan Ministry of Culture over the use of the Moroccan Zellige pattern, expressing its regret and respect for the Moroccan people.

“Following constructive discussions between Adidas and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, we confirm a positive resolution to the recent football jersey issue.” The statement explained.

The brand went on to confirm that the design was “indeed inspired by Zellige mosaic pattern”, and that they had no intention of offending anyone. “We would like to express our deep respect to the people and craftsmen of Morocco, and regret the controversy surrounding this case”.

Additionally, the statement condemned “any act that prejudices  the cultural integrity and history of people and nations globally.”

As a reminder, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture issued a court warning to the international sportswear brand condemning the cultural appropriation of Moroccan heritage in the design of Algerian jerseys.

“The Ministry of Culture retains its full right to pursue both legal action and fair compensation procedures to redeem having seized these traditional cultural expressions and reused them out of context, ignoring their cultural significance, and distorting them from their origin,” added the notice.