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A luxurious jewelry collection inspired by La Mamounia

Written by Souad El Mghari

Named the best hotel in the world, La Mamounia and its mystical beauty and artistic appeal has attracted and inspired people from around the globe for so many years. And now, jewelry designer Temple St. Clair just joined that bunch of creative geniuses.

Inspired by her travels to Morocco, luxury jewelry brand founder and self-proclaimed “storyteller”, Temple St. Clair recently released a new collection named “Nomad”, that is highly influenced by the majestic hotel; La Mamounia.

Her admiration for the hotel started the first time St. Clair visited Marrakech in a family vacation, and that when she was only a schoolgirl. Inspired by the whole feel of La Mamounia, and a very specific piece of jewelry she was offered; “La Mamounia had this little antiques shop back then, and my parents gave me an amazing Moroccan gold bracelet I’d admired”, Temple channeled all of her memories, and a more recent visit that she had with her husband, in creating her exquisite collection.

“From the fragrances to the lanterns’ golden light, La Mamounia is its own little world”, to the hotel’s 1920’s mosaic, to some antic Amazigh jewelry, every little detail that characterizes the epic Moroccan hotel was beautifully translated into “Nomad”.

Photos: Architectural Digest