Supermodels’ favorite workout

Written by Souad El Mghari

As much as being aware of the latest trends of fashion has become vital, the latest workout trend is as much subject of our curiosity, especially when there is a supermodel involved.

It is a known fact that exercising isan important part of a supermodel’s daily life, I mean you don’t look like a Victoria’s secret angel by chance, or by lying around all day long. However, it is not Pilates, nor zumba that these fit ladies are into these days, but good old boxing has become the workout of choice of many of our favorite supermodels.

From Gigi Hadid to Gisele Bundchen, far from trying to become the next Mohamed Ali, or beating Mary Kom, these ladies have made boxing rings their playground, and the punching balls their stress relief system. It turns out this “not so glamorous” workout is the right choice to keep fit while blowing some steam.