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Working From Home Tips During Quarantine

Written by FDM

Since March 20, many of you have opted for remote working. But do you follow any rules to stay efficient at your work even from home? Here’s what you might need to know.

Working from home effectively implies a good organization of your daily schedule and priorities, so that you don’t end up with an unproductive workday and suddenly be forced to work late at night to compensate for all the time-consuming elements of the day.

  1. To do this, split up your schedule into three parts: for work, lunch break, personal activities, and do your best to stick to this structure.
  2. The work environment is just as important. Reserving a “professional” space within your home creates a better atmosphere and good working habits. This space can be closed or open, to signal that you do not want to be disturbed, to help your concentration.
  3. Another important point: do not stay in your pajamas. Although It is true that no one can see you, making the effort to dress as if you are going out can quickly help you get into work mode.
  4. It is also important to have real breaks during the day. Not just the 5 minutes social media, we’re saying get up and go for a walk (not outside since you have to stay at home) or work out. Breaks help keep you motivated and efficient throughout the day.