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Women can now become Adouls (marriage officers) in Morocco

Written by FDM

For the first time in Morocco, women will be able to take up the test of Adoul (marriage officers), an occupation that was heretofore exercised only by men …

The profession of Adoul is now open to women. The Department of Justice has just allowed Moroccan women to participate in the Adoul tests. The next one is scheduled for October. Minister of Justice Mohamed Aujjar has decided to revisit Decree No. 16-03 dating back to February 2006 which gives a new status to the profession but does not in fact prohibit women from practicing this profession.

Interviewed by Les Eco, Arbi Daoui, a member of the Oulema Council of the province of Nouaceur, said that the exclusion of women finds its explanation in “the theological heritage since it is considered that the testimony of the woman remains incomplete. Moreover, nothing in religion prohibits the exercise of this profession by women “. But contrary to what is believed, “women can show a lot of rigor and a great sense of precision, necessary for the job.”