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Webinar: The Crucial Role of Preschool on Children Highlighted by the Zakoura Foundation

Written by FDM

The impact of preschool is the main theme of a webinar organized, Tuesday, April 27, by the Zakoura Foundation, thus dissecting the issues and challenges of this teaching on the development of the child.

The Zakoura Lab, the research, action, and development center of the Zakoura Foundation organized a webinar on Tuesday, April 27, under the theme “  Preschool, an underestimated impact ?”. The goal was to discuss the crucial role that preschool plays for the development of the child and in the longer term of human capital as well as the challenges and issues while drawing up an inventory of preschool in Morocco, as explained in the Foundation in a press release.

Around the table, Abdeljalil Benzouina, in charge of the Central Unit for preschool education, general secretariat,  Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research , Naseem Awl, representative UNICEF Morocco Assistant, Louise Mvono, Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank Morocco Office, Pierre Varly, Education Specialist Consultant and Jamal Belahrach, President of the Zakoura Foundation.

During his speech Abdeljalil Benzouina highlighted the context of the extensive generalization of preschool in Morocco, thus recalling the three strategic objectives pursued, namely to ensure an equitable and inclusive preschool, to guarantee a quality preschool, to ensure the sustainability of funding. He also noted the issues and challenges encountered, in particular the availability of quality human resources, the issue of standardizing a training system that meets the guidelines of the preschool curriculum framework. “It goes without saying that the achievement of these objectives can only be ensured by the involvement of all parties », He supported. In this sense and in a spirit of pooling efforts, the contribution of a PPP and CSO partnership on the training of educators was discussed.

“Early childhood care and education is the single most effective and cost-effective investment to initiate lifelong learning and ensure that all children have a real chance to achieve their full potential, said Naseem Awl. The quality of preschool education concerns three dimensions: the quality of childcare, the quality of the activities offered to the children, the monitoring and support of practitioners, parents, and families.”