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Wall Street English Turns 50

Written by FDM

The educational institute is celebrating its 50th birthday, and owes its success story, exclusively, to an immersive approach, and approved teaching methodologies, recommended by Cambridge and the European Council of Education.

The Casablanca center was created in 2009, in response to the factual needs identified by a local population looking to sharpen their language skills. Wall Street English, through its universally renowned and innovative approach, was known when it started as the Wall Street Institute. And it was not until 2014 that they recorded a major turning point in the history of the group.

The 2014-2022 period was marked by a strengthening of the digital policy, with the development of a learning platform entirely hosted online, intelligent educational materials, and the exclusive launch of the Learn English application. Long-term work that consolidates the expertise of WSE coaches, as well as the know-how of its experienced teachers, which represents a real guarantee of growth vis-à-vis the various market segments, for both professionals and individuals.

The government’s efforts are progressing perfectly in line with this dynamic. This is an axis that was mentioned during the press conference held by the Minister of National Education, in September.

The government official says his ministry is aware of the importance of integrating English into the school curriculum. This language is currently present in 2,000 schools, with 9,000 mobilized teachers. He added that there are currently consultations to extend the teaching of the language to middle schools and that this language could be adopted by certain scientific subjects.