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“Voices”, passionate short documentary on freedoms in the public space

Written by FDM

The debate over violence against women and their place in the public space deserved, according to three filmmakers, to be captured on camera.  In the span of 4 minutes, the short film ‘Voices’ showcases indignation, demand and the hope of a population. A video to watch without moderation.

Voices – أصوات from Yasmine Benkirane on Vimeo.

Back in August 2017, a sexual assault of a young lady on a public bus in Casablanca caused immense uproar and indignation of a whole nation. Sit-ins and protest took over the streets of Casablanca and Rabat among other cities. Thus, Yasmine Benkirane, Hamza Titah and Kamil Tahiri took the decision to capture this social unrest.

For the three authors, the collective mini documentary ‘Voices’ was made mainly to free speech and open the debate where it was almost nonexistent. “We realized the importance of the tools that we have available to overcome the lack of debate in the public sphere where the word is still very limited or almost -existing ” they said in caption of the video.

Armed with cameras, the young directors walked with protests to collect poignant testimonies of these resentful women, capture images of the event and especially open the debate around sexual harassment and the lack of individual freedoms. Entitled “Voices” (voice), this video intends to free the speech of these women who wish to circulate freely without being disturbed. A short film full of meaning and full of hope.

The recent months saw many actions from the art scene and citizens that show determination to make change. 2M launched a series of videos calling on citizens to share their stories about harassment, Aya Moudden, a young videographer posted “Mra Hachak”, a poetic work that highlighted the contrasts and surrounding schizophrenia in Moroccan society …