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Vegetable terrine

Written by FDM

How about a vegetable terrine? Accompanied by a salad, it can be a light meal.


4 large potatoes
4 carrots
7 eggs
2 cans of tuna
Salt and pepper

Preparation :

In a saucepan, cook the potatoes, carrots, and 4 eggs.
Cut them into small pieces and add the 2 cans of tuna. Mix everything with a pinch of salt, pepper, parsley, and 3 whole fresh eggs. When the mixture is homogeneous, place in a previously oiled mold and put in the oven at 180 degrees in a double boiler. Once the terrine is cooked, a knife should come out clean.
For the mayonnaise: Mix egg yolk and a tablespoon of mustard, then add oil as you go, until you get a smooth mayonnaise. Put the terrine in the fridge and cover with mayonnaise before serving.