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UN Women Morocco’s Short Film Raising Awareness of Discrimination Against Girls

Written by FDM

The UN Women office in Morocco presents “Vie de Femmes”, a short film in which we discover the cross-story of Ytto and Yasmina, from their birth until they become grandmothers, revealing the gender stereotypes and highlighting the various obstacles still encountered today by Moroccan women and girls.

“Vie de Femmes” is a short film produced by the UN Women’s office in Morocco to raise awareness of gender-based discrimination. On the screen, Internet users discover the cross-story of Ytto and Yasmina, from their birth until they become grandmothers. This sheds light on gender stereotypes and the various obstacles that women and girls still face today.
In addition to popularizing statistical data on gender inequalities, the animated film aims to improve the general public’s knowledge of the discrimination that girls and women face throughout their lives and to raise awareness issues of gender equality. A video produced within the framework of the project “Prevention, protection and response to violence against women and girls in Morocco” with the support of the Government of Canada.

In a statement, UN Women in Morocco recalls that morocco has recorded, over the past ten years, significant progress in terms of women’s human rights, enshrined in the Constitution of July 1, 2011, proclaiming formal equality between men and women, prohibiting all forms of discrimination against women. towards them and encouraging the public authorities to implement these rights and guarantee their effectiveness.

Nevertheless, despite all this progress, today no country in the world has achieved equality between men and women, nor is even close to achieving this equality, as the UN antenna deplores, before stressing that “Significant efforts still need to be made to abolish all legal discrimination based on sex and provide effective cross-sectoral responses to achieve the goal of equality “.