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Triple international consecration for Noor Fez in London, Athens, and Tokyo

Written by FDM

Noor Fès, Moroccan extra virgin olive oil won three gold medals and a special prize, in London, Athens and Tokyo during prestigious international competitions rewarding the best products at the international level.

Throughout the year 2020, juries made up of luminaries, great connoisseurs of olive and its elixir meet around the world, to award prizes and consecrations which guarantee the excellent quality of the best oils.

The highly selective Athena International Olive Oil Competition, held annually in Greece, awarded Noor Fes a gold medal as well as the Special Jury Prize for the best olive oil from the Picholine variety. This award also comes to gratify the Moroccan terroir knowing that Picholine is the emblematic variety of the country.

In London, during the London International Olive Oil Competition, Noor Fès was awarded another medal: the “Quality Gold Award”, which recognizes the many efforts in qualitative development initiated by the Moroccan brand.

To end the year on a high note, Noor Fès traveled to the other side of the globe, to Japan, and remained distinctive with a third gold medal, the “JOOP GOLD”, awarded by the Japan Olive Oil Prize 2020 held in Tokyo.