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A tripartite agreement for the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas

Written by FDM

The International Network of Women Leaders WIMEN signed a partnership agreement with the German agro-pharmaceutical group BAYER. 

This project is carried out in partnership with the Zakoura Foundation. An agreement to reinforce the commitment of the three entities in favor of female entrepreneurship.

The project, spread over 12 months, will consist in setting up a support system adapted to the different pre and post-creation phases, allowing both to boost entrepreneurship among 100 women and to finalize 40 projects with 50 young girls and women in the Mohammedia province.

The project also aims to set up an entrepreneurship support approach that makes it possible to ensure and guarantee, to the women beneficiaries, a level of support delivered, through monitoring and evaluation.

At the end of this tripartite agreement signing ceremony, several actors in the field of social and rural entrepreneurship, CSR, and sustainable development took part in the debate to discuss the theme ” Women and rurality: what prospects for entrepreneurship? “.