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TOOMORE Opens Its Flagship Store in Rabat 

Written by FDM

The TOOMORE brand specializing in premium dates and its derivatives celebrated its 5th anniversary, on Wednesday, July 07,  by opening a shop at the Label Gallery in Rabat.

The Moroccan brand, which has made a name for itself as one of the benchmarks of refined and healthy confectionery and chocolate making, is thus entering a new stage in its development plan.


The TOOMORE House is opening up close to the people living in Rabat and Salé who were numerous to order its products via its online store. Thanks to this proximity, they will now find an array of optimal and personalized offers for any event or celebration, adapted to every budget. The new revisited collection of Myadi TOOMORE will conquer the refined people of the Capital, in this period of festivities.

Maison TOOMORE also seeks to appeal to a special clientele in the region, in particular public and private institutions and Diplomatic Representations. The wide range of luxurious and authentic products of the brand, offers many possibilities in terms of business gifts. The national product has already shown great notoriety on the national and international market.


As a fusion between the noble Moroccan local products and the innovation of great Pastry Chefs, TOOMORE Creations combine the nutritional benefits of the date and the delicacies of candy.

The awareness to eat healthily and consume Moroccan are all reasons for its adoption by a growing public. Not to mention reviving the Moroccan tradition of offering Majhoul dates, adorned in chic cases inspired by our ancient craftsmanship.

The store’s innovative concept, which combines ancestral tradition with contemporary design, will be the common thread for the upcoming international openings. Indeed, the challenge of promoting TOOMORE MOROCCAN LUXURY has already been launched for Europe and Asia.