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Together for Eco-Responsible Management of The Environment

Written by FDM

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Les Domaines Agricoles launched the week of June 5, 2021, the annual program for the planting of 2,500 trees by its employees.

This initiative is part of the international movement sponsored by the UN “#GenerationRestauration” which aims to make peace with nature: the objectives of the United Nations Decade for the restoration of ecosystems aim to prevent and end the degradation of ecosystems, a major cause of climate change and the massive extinction of flora and fauna.

Launched under the hashtag #LesDomainesEngagés and the leitmotif  “Un collaborateur, Un Arbre”, the environmental protection awareness program implemented by Les Domaines Agricoles calls on all of its employees to plant argan, carob, and cacti in uncultivable areas. These endemic species, resilient to drought and consuming little water, by storing CO2, limit the impact of global warming and do good for our planet. The Group is also implementing a Charter of Good Ecological Conduct and distributing a video dedicated to raising environmental awareness in general.