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Tips for a faster morning routine

Written by FDM

Are you tired of sleeping through your alarm clock and not getting yourself ready on time?

It actually takes time to apply makeup and style your hair, yet for career ladies or hard core students, time is the most precious and rare thing to have. However no matter how late you are, there are still things to do to look great in the mornings.
Here are some tips to help you manage the little time you have and still look your beautiful self.
#1 Use a face mask to prep your skin: it will make your morning makeup application easier by keeping your skin well conditioned.

#2 Prep your hair at night: there are a lot of heatless ways to style your hair and prepare it for the next morning overnight. You could use these hacks:

#3 You have only enough time for one beauty product? opt for bronzer. “Bronzer is key,” says MAC Cosmetics senior artist, Michelle Clark.“It helps give skin a soft glow on the cheeks and the nose.”

#4 Organize your beauty and skincare products where they are easily accessed. Much like you would lay out clothes you want to wear each day.

#5 Avoid detangling your curls in the morning by sleeping with you hair up. And if you have a frizzy type of hair, apply a hair oil at night to moisturize it.

#6 Try using one product for multiple uses. For example pair the cheeks and lips with similar color by taking the lipsticks on your fingertips and apply it to your cheeks for a pop of color.

And voilà! the trick is done and you could hit the road as beautiful as you can be!