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 Timitar Festival: Highlights of a Rich Edition (Photos)

Written by FDM

The 17th edition of the Timitar, Signs and Culture Festival has come to an end on Saturday evening July 16.

Organized on July 15 and 16 in Agadir, this cultural meeting that honors the Amazigh culture and other cultural expressions from Morocco and abroad was deemed a great success. Back in pictures on the highlights of this edition.

The Timitar, Signs and Culture Festival has reconnected with its audience after two long years of mandatory shut down due to the health context in Morocco. The reunion was fabulous, and the Festival, always faithful to its spirit of openness, highlighted the national identity and the values of living together through music from here and elsewhere.

Among the highlights of Friday evening, are the incredible concert hosted by Zina Daoudia who set the stage on fire, and the fabulous performance of Lartiste, not to mention the superb Rayssa Fatima Tabâamrant, her dances, and her committed lyrics. DJ Suraj (Kenya) and the troops of Ahwach also gave a magical atmosphere to this first evening.

On Saturday evening, festival-goers were split between the Al Amal and Al Wahda stages. The public was buzzing in excitement with performances by Hatim Ammor, Abdelaziz Stati, Hoba Hoba Spirit, DJ Kawtar Sadik, Ahwash Tagmout Tata, Ahmed Amaynou, and Ahwash Afous.

With such a rich lineup, the Timitar festival thus again demonstrated multiculturality, sharing, and its intent to preserve the Amazigh heritage.