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Tibu Africa organized a “Women’s CAN” in the popular districts of Casablanca

Written by FDM

Tibu Africa and the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports celebrated the empowerment of girls and women through the final of the Girls CAN Initiative 2022. An initiative that includes a multitude of actions including a “Women’sCAN” in the popular districts of Casablanca.

Friday, July 22, 2022, within the El Oulfa sports complex in Casablanca, the NGO Tibu Africa, the main NGO in the education and integration of young people and women through sport, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, of Preschool and Sports, kicked off the final match of the Girls CAN Initiative program.

This innovative initiative in the education and socio-economic inclusion of girls and women in NEET situations includes several actions aimed at their impetus and inclusion through football. Among them, is a women’s football competition in the popular districts of Casablanca.

Each district represented a country qualified for the Women’s CAN Morocco 2022. Thus, Ain Sebaâ played under the colors of Morocco, Derb Sultan of Burkina Faso, the Old Medina of Senegal, Sidi Moumen from Uganda/Sidi Moumen, Al Hank from Cameroon, Errahma from Zambia, Hay Mohammadi from Tunisia, Aïn Chock from Togo, Hay Hassani from Nigeria, Sebata from South Africa, Lissassfa from Burundi and Oulfa from Botswana. 12 sporting events were organized, involving more than 200 young beneficiaries.

In the presence of officials, representatives of diplomatic missions of qualified countries, private sector actors, media and representatives of civil society, the final of the Girls CAN Initiative opposed Tunisia to Burkina Faso, represented respectively by the girls of Hay Mohammadi and Derb Sultan districts.

Among the other significant actions of the Girls CAN Initiative 2022, a Bootcamp launched on April 5 and 6 for 36 girls in light of the World Day of Sport for Development and Peace, theoretical and practical training within premises of the 2nd chance school – oriented sports professions or a scholarship of 2000 MAD to 3000 DH allocated to each beneficiary girl during the bootcamp period. A total of 204 girls and 36 women direct beneficiaries and 3,000 indirect beneficiaries participated in the Girls CAN Initiative.

Convinced of the strength of this program, Tibu Africa plans to register it as an innovative practice with major sports bodies, so that they can adopt and implement it as a prelude to the organization of major international sporting events to give the opportunity for each young girl and woman in a NEET situation to believe in herself and to secure a path to success both personally and professionally.